Leprechaun Sightings

Leprechaun sightings of Pirate Justin and his Djembe

Leprechaun sightings are rare, Leprechaun Pirate sightings even more so! We have gathered some photos of the most recent magical visitations. When seeking Leprechaun Pirates, time and place is important. Like all magical creatures, they have their own familiar haunts. Check out the list of the most recent sightings, and where they are most likely to appear next. Snapping your own photos of the LP’s can be risky, but it can also bring a bit of luck with it as well! Next time you go Leprechaun hunting, don’t forget your camera.

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Known Haunts of the Leprechaun Pirates

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival – Weekends August 20th – October 2nd 2016

MN Ren FestThe Leprechaun Pirates will be coming to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in 2016! Also, it will be at this same location for the next 3 years: Renaissance Festival Lease Extended to 2019!! Open Weekends August 20 – October 2, 2016!

2016 Theme Weekends:

August 20 & 21 • Silk Road: Discover the Riches
August 27 & 28 • Highland Fling
September 3, 4 & 5 • Passport to Adventure
September 10 & 11 • Wine, Chocolate & Romance
September 17 & 18 • Pet Fest
September 24 & 25 • Shamrocks & Shenanigans
September 30 • Festival Friday
October 1 & 2 • Oktoberfest

Verified Pirate Leprechaun Sightings

Here is a list of the most recent leprechaun sightings of the pirate variety, witnessed by numerous folks in the Twin Cities metro area. Who knew that Minnesota would be such a hotbed of paranormal activity!

Sacred Harvest Festival 2016

Festival Theme Art 2016 by Ann Lullof

Sacred Harvest Festival 2016 “Dreams and Bones”–  Runs from Monday August 1st to Sunday August 7th. The Leprechaun Pirates will be performing Saturday evening August 6th

About the Festival:
Sacred Harvest Festival has welcomed well over a thousand unique individuals who have made our tribe flourish. Pagans and nature worshipers and their children and elders come together once again for a week of joy, fellowship, and learning. We drum and dance into the night,  create enriching rituals, and bask in our famous tribal community. This year we are free to bring our visions of the future, and bury the bones of the past. Our ancestors are watching and helping us!

Check out their web page for all the other fabulous guests, other events, camping information, registration options and more!

Leprechaun Sighting - Pirates at HarmCon2016

The Leprechaun Pirates put in an appearance at Harmonic Convergence 2016

The Leprechaun Pirates enchanted the audience at Harmonic Convergence 2016 on Saturday July 2nd. This was the first sighting away from their practice zone, a favorite haunt of theirs.