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Pieces of Eight Steals the Show

Leprechaun Pirates Pieces of Eight

Join us in Shakopee Minnesota this weekend for the great grand Pieces of Eight CD release party! Three full days of fun and frolick with thousands of our dearest fans and friends will be a fair fine debut for our first EP. Sure an’ begorah the Leprechaun Pirates are boarding the Minnesota Renaissance Festival armed with our new CD and stealing the show.

Pieces of Eight Origins and Pirate Lore

Here’s a bit about the lore about pirates and pieces of eight from The Wiki Pirate Library

“The real de a ocho, also known as the Spanish dollar, the eight-real coin, or the piece of eight (Spanish peso de ocho), is a silver coin, of approximately 38 mm diameter, worth eight reales, that was minted in the Spanish Empire after 1598. Its purpose was to correspond to the German thaler…

…Long tied to the lore of piracy, “pieces of eight” were manufactured in the Americas and transported in bulk back to Spain, making them a very tempting target for seagoing pirates. The Manila galleons transported Mexican silver to Manila in the Spanish Philippines, where it would be exchanged for Philippine and Chinese goods, since silver was the only foreign commodity China would accept. In Oriental trade, Spanish dollars were often stamped with Chinese characters known as “chop marks” which indicated that particular coin had been assayed by a well-known merchant and determined to be genuine. The specifications of the Spanish dollar became a standard for trade in the Far East, with later Western powers issuing trade dollars, and colonial currencies such as the Hong Kong dollar, to the same specifications.”

The Leprechaun Pirates Pieces of Eight CD

The Leprechaun Pirates Pieces of Eight CD

The album features eight of our favorite songs, and will be available for sale at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this weekend for ten pieces of eight each. All the songs on the CD are original or traditional or a combination thereof. We are locked and loaded and will call no quarter. Our motto for this weekend is “Take all ye can, give nothin’ back. Arrrgh Begorah Gold Doubloons!”

Fun Fact: The Leprechaun Pirate King wears a piece of eight as a charm, which he found as a wee lad when digging for buried treasure.

Leprechaun Pirates at Sacred Harvest Festival

Sacred Harvest Festival 2016

Coming soon to a Pagan Festival near you!

Sacred Harvest Festival 2016

Festival Theme Art 2016 by Ann Lullof

Sacred Harvest Festival 2016 “Dreams and Bones”–  Runs from Monday August 1st to Sunday August 7th.

The Leprechaun Pirates will be performing Saturday evening August 6th

About the Festival:
Sacred Harvest Festival has welcomed well over a thousand unique individuals who have made our tribe flourish. Pagans and nature worshipers and their children and elders come together once again for a week of joy, fellowship, and learning. We drum and dance into the night,  create enriching rituals, and bask in our famous tribal community. This year we are free to bring our visions of the future, and bury the bones of the past. Our ancestors are watching and helping us!

On a more personal note, me and my hubby the Cabin Boy are very happy to be going back to Sacred Harvest Festival this year. Last year, I played my ukulele in our tent during the rain to rave reviews. This encouraged me to keep up my ukulele practice a bit more. We both fell in love with SHF, and the new location at Atchingtan. Good fortune smiled, the Leprechaun Gods be praised, and we are thrilled to be going back. I will perform with my fellow Leprechaun Pirates on the stage on Saturday night August 6th.

We plan on going up early, to partake of some of the best of Sacred Harvest Festival. There is nothing like falling asleep to drumming around a campfire. If you’ve never done it, now is the time! Check out their web page for all the other fabulous guests, other events, camping information, registration options and more! You can also connect with others on the official Facebook Event. So come and join the fun! We’ll see you at the festival.